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Gaylord Container Corporation (AMEX: GCR) was an American integrated manufacturer of packaging materials, primarily corrugated containers. Operating from 1986 until 2002, most of the company's facilities were originally part of Crown Zellerbach's container division. Based in Deerfield, Illinois, a suburb north of Chicago, Gaylord Container completed its initial public offering in July 1988 and was listed on the American Stock Exchange. After less than 16 years as a company, it was acquired by a competitor, Temple-Inland, in early 2002, which was acquired by International Paper a decade later in 2012.

A former employee said this in a review: "GCR is not a good place to work, bad pay, bad training program for all employees, bad leadership and no benefits or growth."


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Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you can get in the right department and on the right team, this could be a good place and environment to work. Most people are not that fortunate and end up stressed."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I worked there off comission and was not always paid the correct amount. I left because they closed for 3 months and I had to find other work. They were not professional Cons: No hours"


"The company was made up of contractors hired by the government the lowest bidder got the contract so the men had to do the work with slashed paychecks and on top of that since most of them were out of town they would hire the lead man site unseen and I would have to train him to the ways of the base and if he did not like to be told what to do it made a conflict but the government wants things done in certain ways to their standards.Also the second to last company had no water for us we had to supply our own and both of these last companies did not supply us with bathrooms so we had to ask people to use theirs (humiliating) or use the outdoors (against the law) like I said every company cut a little more money went from 13,00 to 8.00 Cons: no money no dignity"

Applicant Coordinator/ Research (Former Employee) says

"From the beginning of the assignment throughout the duration GCR had no clue what was happening with their employee. First everyone with the exception of 3 people were laid off 3 weeks into the assignment. Second GCR had no clue! Third they called me to return to the assignment and I was the only GCR employee willing to return. I worked from the end of December to the beginning of February and they ended my assignment because I was unable to travel due to my son’s health issues. The most insulting part was that they unknowingly called my sister to replace me BEFORE the assignment ended and offered her $25 per hour versus my $19.71! Along with that there were so many miscommunications between GCR and AECOM! I went from Monday-Friday, hours between 7:30 & 6:00, 40 hours a week in one office to Monday-Friday with some weekends, hours 9:00 to 5:00 with travel to multiple sites during the week, promised “at least” 3 working days a week, with different schedules given every weekend. Absolutely no overtime. I read thoroughly over the employee handbook but when my assignment ended they did not honor it. I would advise anyone considering employment with this company to print out a copy of the handbook, save a copy of every timesheet and save all emails! They are all smiles until you no longer make them money. They tell you that you will receive a salary but once you receive your first paycheck you will see that you receive hourly pay and it will be less than what you expect. This are simply a few examples of what I faced working with them your experience may be different! I just don’t Cons: Uncertainty, unstable, unpredictable, unprofessional"

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed my time there and expect for the folks there to prosper and continue to serve the good folks of DISA. looking for a great agency this is the place."

Hazmat Certifier (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing good to say about this company. Cons: everything else incuding no overtime and no raises"

Closeout Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The management staff does not know what they are doing. Cons: Management Job instability"

BANCONISTA (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente di lavoro per niente facile da sopportare. Cons: Tanti"

Developer, Covington (Current Employee) says

"GCR has very goal centred work culture. Employees might even have to work extra hours on top of 40 hours(regular). Its a nice place to grow for anybody starting a career in software development."

Retread Technician (Former Employee) says

"Very raw culture on the production floor; most of the long term managers have developed negative attitudes towards employees and vice versa. Cons: difficult workplace"

Planner Production Control (Former Employee) says

"Plan, by working with Engineers drawings, to manufacture military defense items. Cons: Commute, working on contract"

Sub-contractor for C.H.M (Current Employee) says

"Not happy with management because they were very difficult to work with. The project managers were great to work with and the people that I worked with directly were also great Cons: Management"

GCR is my global country report (Current Employee) says

"environment that pursuing in organization should be flexible and adoptive one Cons: job should be time to time"

Technicien d'étude (Current Employee) says

"Cette entreprise s'agit d'un bon culture et Bon fonctionnement"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"I have been working at GCR Inc. full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Medical costs higher than expected. With the rebrand and reorg, cut senior people who knew the products without warning. Too many clicks, will become obvious if you fit in or not. Top brass talks about change and implementation; project specific people appeases them but doesn't follow through. No standard training, sink or swim being cut throat at times, have to watch what is said and how, folks are easily offended or vying for the position will easily undermine you. Work/life balance is questionable."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"I have been working at GCR Inc. full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Bad pay, bad work balance, terrible project managers, no value for employee."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at GCR Inc. full-time for less than a year Cons: Where do I even start to articulate the layers and levels of abject failure to function I experienced while working at GCR? - Raw arrogance from management: I was hired on to do a specific job at the company which, up until that point, had not existed. I was consistently undermined and questioned by people with zero experience performing the function I was hired for. My experience in the subject matter was not valued and it showed. - Average compensation, no relocation package, terrible benefits: The company offered me very little beyond a paycheck and I, foolishly, accepted. I went through a lot of trouble and financial hardship to position myself so that I could accept the position and was treated with solid indifference and contempt from my very first day. The other benefits were incredibly expensive and, frankly, sub-par. -Micromanagement/Lack of Trust: The product management team intensely scrutinized any hours billed to their respective projects and openly questioned what value I brought to said projects each and every day. I was hired as a central resource to be utilized across a portfolio of products and was denied hours regularly by one particular individual (as a salaried employee, mind you) because, and I quote, "my projects will not bear the burden of your plurality." In other words, "the centralized functions you perform for all of our products are of no interest or value to me and I only care about what you directly contribute to the products under my purview." My role was not, and I cannot emphasize this enough, an individual contributor role and I was responsible for a considerable number of duties beyond babysitting a single project. In addition to this, the way in which I was to carry out tasks was frequently dictated to me and was expected to be carried out exactly as described without room for innovation or interpretation. Deviating in any manner was met with petulance and condescension. - No Human Touch: People were treated as line items on a spreadsheet with a dollar amount attached to them. I was frequently approached by management and told things to the effect of, "Hey, that person who works under you? You need to fire them today because we no longer have budget for them." These resources were individuals who had been working for the company and acquiring subject matter expertise for multiple years - important and difficult to replace individuals whom I was instructed to dismiss out-of-hand (and without warning) like it was the most reasonable and normal thing in the world. It was outrageous and made me start to question the stability of my own position very quickly as I scrambled to find ways to keep these people on. In another incident, I was forced to miss work for a few days due to a personal matter of great sensitivity. I informed my supervisor and colleagues who would be directly impacted and let them know I'd be returning to work in a few days if all went well. I was inundated with very demanding, aggressive emails by one particular individual who asked for various reports (which I'd never agreed to provide), an accounting of how I'd spent the hours I'd billed to his project previously, and then questioned whether a new hire under my supervision (with the company for 2 weeks!) was adding any value to his products (intimating I should get him up to speed faster or fire him). - No Company Culture/Toxic Environment: There was zero sense of engagement between management and the ground floor employees executing on delivery of products. Within a week of joining the company, one of my colleagues announced his intent to leave the company. Red flags went up. The other people I worked with were some of the most jaded, embittered, and outright angry people I'd ever met in a professional capacity and several spoke wistfully about leaving. Client demands vastly outstripped available resources and the employees suffered for this under the direction of a middle-management team who plainly did not care. Any passion I might have had for the work was quickly and permanently extinguished by the overwhelming sense of cynicism and ennui throughout the company. Add in paranoid, power hungry individuals who would do anything to maintain their influence within the company and you had a recipe for a truly nightmarish professional experience. -Lack of expertise: Program/product management had some people who knew what they were doing and were dealing with terrible processes and external pressures. Some of their number were actively incompetent, paranoid, and believed their seniority made them experts by default or that previous ability to (poorly) deliver on promises to customers meant they were actually good at their jobs. The development group followed no recognized development life cycle and was mostly unable to meet the demands of a, frankly, schizophrenic business group and clientele. This began to be corrected toward the end of my tenure by outside hires but was mostly handicapped by recalcitrant veterans of the company who resisted change due to fear of how it would impact their abhorrent operational practices. -Ethics!? Not In My House: Customers were lied to in a flagrant and egregious manner - both in terms of what would be delivered and in how their money was being spent toward said delivery. No accountability actually existed; the only concern was meeting the bottom line and operating as close to budget as possible. I needn't even go into how employees were treated. Contractors, especially those reporting from other countries, were treated with condescension, skepticism, and prejudice. - Budgeting Model Made No Sense: The company was set up one way and evolved, operationally, into something totally different over its life cycle. Nothing about how it was internally structured changed. This was incredibly bad and, I mean this as bluntly as possible, dumb. Look, I could go on and on at great length and detail here. You get the idea by now."

Current Employee - Cash Cow says

"I have been working at GCR Inc. full-time for more than 10 years Cons: No leadership. No advancement opportunities. It is one of the worst managed companies. They are not upfront and transparent. They definitely do not value their employees. People keep leaving the company and nothing changes."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at GCR Inc. full-time for less than a year Cons: The micro management was extreme right down to questioning me on how every single hour was spent. I've never before worked at a place where someone actually started asking me personal questions like when I go to bed, and eat. The business logic was rather intense as it deals with complex accounting principles and rules... ie: the logic alone is enough to keep a person spinning in circles, let alone learning and working with the outdated tech."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"I have been working at GCR Inc. full-time for more than a year Cons: Too much work considering pay Below average pay Can get fired anytime"

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"I worked at GCR Inc. full-time for more than a year Cons: The previous Lower Class citizen review is honest. Depending on whom you work for, a person could find themselves in a very high stress situation with little time to understand a complex system. Somehow it keeps chugging along though - I'm assuming they lean heavily on a few key developers, while new hires are treated as disposable resources."

Former Employee - Business Analyst says

"I worked at GCR Inc. full-time for less than a year Cons: Management was extremely condescending, arrogant, rude, and had questionable ethics. Outsourcing to India for pennies while charging premium rates to state government. Employees are overworked and not appreciated. Management is so far from the actual clients and does not understand actual needs. Thos was one of my worst jobs ever."

Former Employee - Software Developer says

"I worked at GCR Inc. full-time for more than a year Cons: They lie to potential clients about the timetables for install. They do not test the product before handing it over for UAT, so clients perform SIT."

Current Employee - Software Development Engineer says

"I have been working at GCR Inc. full-time for more than a year Cons: Management in my dept was harsh. You name it when it comes to treating people wrong. Demeaning, condescending, unappreciated, overworked, high turnover, power gaming. They tried the track every single hour and saying I did reaearech didn't cut it. It all about pure production 100% of the time. Paranoia could be at the root. Very hard to work for."

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